Louis Lopez has yet to meet a challenge that his baking skills couldn't conquer. The chilean native is the owner of Sweet Temptations Bakery in Great Neck, NY where he has gained a reputation among locals as one of the finest bakers on Long Island. 
 In 1980, after honing his skills at La Patisserie in Manhasset, a French gourmet Bakery, Louis brought his baking skills to what was then known as My Most Favorite Dessert, in Great Neck, NY. Years later, when the owner sold the bakery and moved to the city, Louis stayed and bought the business. He became the proud owner of Sweet Temptations Bakery in 1990 and has been here ever since! Louie continues to impress with cakes pies, cookies, and breads that never fail to please.


Tucked away, way at the north end of the Old Village, you will find a sweet surprise, the decades old delightful Sweet Temptations Bakery. A favorite of so many, this little hidden treasure is a true, mom-and-pop hometown shop. Our secret to success? Everything is homemade! We bake everything fresh daily, with very little sugar and only the finest ingredients. Although we do not have a Kosher Certification, all of our products are baked with only Kosher ingredients and we have a wide selection of parve desserts. 

We are proud to cater to everyone in the very diverse Great Neck community. Here we have something for everyone, and if we don't happen to have what you are looking for, we try our very best to accommodate special requests if you call in advance. In addition, for anyone that has a nut allergy, we take careful precaution when handling nut-free requests. 


Our freshly baked Apple Pies and Tarts are one of our specialties; baked to perfection with very low sugar. Among the others offered here at Sweet Temptation Desserts are the moist delicious carrot cake, the almost too-good-to-be-true GLUTEN-FREE Almond Meringue, and his Parve Chocolate Black Out Cake. All of the seasonal favorites can be found here as well: fruit pies, pumpkin pies, suvganiyot, hamentachen, challah bread, Christmas holiday platters and more. Special orders are always welcome, but whether its a special wedding cake or one single, mouth-watering fudge brownie you're after, Sweet Temptation Desserts is the place for you. We even have curbside service!

Stop in and let the delightful aroma of fresh-baked pastries tell you the story.  We welcome you to stop into our little shop where you can smell the aroma of the kitchen in your grandma's house.