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 Large Sprinkled Cookies (Teddy Bears and Hearts)

Cupcake Sprinkled Cookies (Frosted Optionally) 

Large Elephant Ears

Small Black and White Cookies 

Chocolate Chunk Cookies 

Sprinkled Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar

Brown Sugar Chocolate Striped

Ground Walnut Crescents

Orange Shortbread with chocolate or vanilla cream

Ground Pecan Chocolate Chip Hearts

Raspberry Linzer Tarts 

Apricot Linzer Tarts

Caramel Almond Squares 

Pecan Pie Squares 

Chocolate Walnut Turtles 

Elephant Ears/ Palmier




  - Rasberry

- Apricot

     - Cinnamon

    - Chocolate

 Strawberry Leaf 

Pistachio Leaf 


Vanilla Laced Florentine

Chocolate Laced Florentine 

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